yes, we should’ve gone on tour

first off: THANK YOU! for all the super nice comments on sadie’s fall dress! it makes my heart happy to have such awesome bloggy friends that ooh and ahh over stuff. it’s so nice not to have to beg rory to look at my projects.

anyways, on to the post…so…since the last time my whole family has been together was…er…four years ago? yep…we had to take some family pictures before jarom and stephanie move to utah. (tomorrow, though i think i’m still in denial.)

yes, we have eight kids. we’re mormon, and my parents were (are) crazy, what can i say? (hehe) being the oldest of that many kids has always been interesting, that’s for sure. it’s pretty cool to see us (well, almost) all grown up…married….college…missions…high school…carazay. and you know, we cannot take a normal picture to save our lives.

example a:

and example b:

partridge family wannabees?

you tell me.

we did get SOME nice pictures, but they’re no fun! lol. and thanks to our next door neighbors for letting us use their backyard. they didn’t know about it since they were out of town, but we’ve known the family FOREVER, so we knew they wouldn’t care. we’re little rebels.

tonight is the sayonara party for jarom and stephanie. i think i might cry. a lot. better bring tissues.


  1. There is something wonderful about large families and your’s is amazing!

  2. I love your crazy family. The pictures are great.

  3. Ha ha! Love the crazy silly family pics! My heart is with you as Jarom and Stephanie leave for new adventures.

  4. Wait, you guys DID. With violins :)

    Love seeing everyone all old and teenager-ish!

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