continuing clothing for sadie week….with this super cute, super easy little jumper. (do people still call them that? i did when i wore them. in sixth grade.)
anyways, i used this tutorial, so easy and quick! of course, the fabric i found in the remnant bin at joann’s. most of my fabrics i find there. i had gotten it AGES ago, and tried to make a skirt for myself, which failed miserably. plus, i can’t pull off these colors. so, it went into making this cute dress for the sadester!
it is hemmed now…just wasn’t in this picture. i made the little flower with an adapted version of my poofy flower tutorial. it’s no-sew(-ing machine)! see that tutorial for an update! anyways, best part about this dress is NO zippers or buttons! it just slips on. so i would use fabric with a bit of stretch. luckily this one fit her well, i didn’t even measure the strap placement/length. eeshk! could have been bad, but i got lucky. i love these fall colors on sadie. it’s fun having a redhead to dress, she can wear all these fun colors i can’t!


  1. i’ve loved this sadie clothing week! You’ve given me tons of great ideas for my own little girl! THANKS

  2. So cute!! Love the fall colors! And your model….adorable. I love how you’re able to take pictures of her standing still for the camera. When my kids were that age that was no easy feat!! :)

  3. Way to go! This is super triple cute. I’ll let you know if I pull off a flickr group–it would be fun to see all these dresses made.

  4. um. p.s. I’m over at Wiener Dog Tricks–blogger only likes to talk about my blogger site. :)

  5. Love! I think I’ll try this tutorial out, it looks super easy. And I am also one who gets most of her fabric from the remenants bins! Can’t leave a fabric store without taking a peak. Too good of deals to pass up!

  6. Awesome, love it. Love the flower you added too. Your’s is one of my new favourite blogs :)

  7. that’s so cute- all your clothes are cute!

  8. What a gorgeous little dress! 😀

  9. I still call them jumpers too and it’s oh so cute! The flower makes the dress!

    Donna :)

  10. This jumper is my favorite. It’s so cute on Sadie.

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