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since justin has been home, he has mostly been talking about cooking, ireland, or cooking. since i love to cook, we decided to team cook a sunday meal for our family. the family consists of:
mom and dad
jessica rory and sadie
jarom and stephanie
jordan and janae

the table was crowded. elbows were thrown a few times, i believe.

pretty table, huh? it’s been getting cooler here, so i think i’ll be getting my fall decorations out soon and baking with pumpkin.

on the menu:

chicken parmesan (me) with justin’s homemade tomato sauce (toh-mah-to)(justin, obviously)
spaghetti (both of us)
salad (dad)
sauteed mushrooms with garlic (justin)
french bread (me)

apple bread pudding (my mom’s)
peanut butter chocolate fudge (me)

*recipes coming soon

it was a blast hanging out in the kitchen with my little big brother all grown up and cooking like a pro. we had a few sous chefs (well, my dad), that we bossed around a bit. (sorry dad)

we had rave reviews! the bread was rory’s favorite, of course. (he loves bread like a monkey loves bananas) we had some dipping plates out for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. yum!

sadie loved the chicken especially. she spent about 10 minutes trying to eat this piece of chicken without her fingers, she kept moving it farther away and then we’d laugh, and she’d keep doing it. what a silly girl. she definitely loves the spotlight. we’re thinking…broadway star?

after dinner and dessert…..take a pause, wipe away the drool. ok. moving on….

…we watched a slide show of justin’s mission pictures. ireland is so gorgeous, and it was fun to see all the places he lived and people he met. a great evening with the fam.


  1. I’m jealous. Totally jealous. I miss family nights like that…can I borrow yours? Mine live too far away, boo :(

  2. My mouth is watering, that sounds so delish!! How fun to hear all about Justin’s mission!!!

  3. How fun! I would never cook with my brother (too many cooks!) but so fun that you can all share that way!

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