sadie is in the cutest stage. i love her! she tries to say lots of words, copies stuff we do, and is so interested and curious about everything. for reals, love it. today we went to the park for an hour or so, and i got busy taking 242 pictures of sadie. alright there were a few of the trees and stuff, but those were bo-ring compared to my cutie tootie.


sadie’s new kicks. she is adorable toddling around in these!

love those eyes.

stop mommy stop kissing me! she loves giving hugs and kisses on demand. (when she’s in the mood of course)

she also loves trying to put her shoes on. agh. dying of all the cuteness.

well, i’m off to make a big batch of sugar cookie dough for cassy’s baby shower this saturday. can’t wait to show you…i’ve had way too much fun planning and making stuff for it. 😀


  1. love love love the toddler days :) and I sure do miss them ~

  2. Cute pictures! That last picture, at first glance, it looked like her foot was contorted. haha!

  3. But I still think she’s a cutie!! :)

  4. Love these cute pictures! I wish I could be at the shower this weekend! I am sure you girls will have a fantastic time together;)

  5. i love the CUTE new pics of her! She is sooooo adorable…i want one, oh wait a minute…I HAVE ONE NOW!!! YAY!!!

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