fall dress

i bought this fabric a loong time ago, planning to make a fall dress for sadie. well, guess what, jessica? fall is here! so i figured i should make something. made this one last night and finished it up today.

now, before you go patting me on the back or saying “wow you made that so fast!”….it’s the second version.

the first version is crumpled up on the floor looking sad and abandoned. whatever. totally it’s fault. it wouldn’t work with me.

this was made from kind of a mixture of tutorials, and some made up stuff, so i wouldn’t even know where to point you. it wasn’t too hard, just frustrating when version one tanked. the flower i made from this tutorial. it’s a super adorable flower (pin).

(btw, i don’t know why she likes chewing on that apple. please excuse the gnawing. they were the only non blurry pictures i got)

so. here’s the sweat and anguish from…i dunno how many hours of work.

ok, you can pat me on the back now.

it’s sore from sewing.


  1. I LOVE the fabric! The dress is totally adorable.

  2. So incredibly cute! I love the pattern and the little flower! Your hard work definitely paid off–Sadie looks adorable in it!

  3. It turned out super cute! I love it! She looks like a doll.

  4. This is my favorite thing you’ve made yet! I want it SO bad! Make me a big girl one??

  5. super cute, I love the fabric. Too bad it’s in the 30’s and 40’s here already. I am kind of stuck on what to make for fall/winter clothes. brrr.

  6. Soooo pretty! Even if the dress didn’t turn out great…the model is adorable. She’ll make anything look wonderful! Good job. :)

  7. That is adorable and you did an awesome job pulling it together. The fabric is perfect for fall and Sadie!!

  8. oh so so cute!!!

  9. SO adorable!

  10. wow!! that is darling!

  11. Hi Jess – personally I like the apple in Sadie’s mouth – makes it look more authentically fall! Wish you could see the brilliant colors fall colors on the maple tree in our front yard! Her dress is adorable. Fall colors are my favorite!

  12. Oh big sigh! You’re so talented. That is so darn adorable. I’m thinking that just about any dress would benefit from one of those cute flowers. So I will have to figure out how to make one.

  13. Cute dress! It makes her look older, like a big girl and not a baby. So sweet!

  14. That is too sweet! I want to sew all of the sudden… hmm… may have to wait a bit on that. :) It has been so great reading about what you guys are up to. Thanks!

  15. Adorable. Absolutely adorable!

  16. Adorable dress…love the fabric. Thanks for the link to the flower, I’ll be making one of those for sure.


  17. Whaoo! It is so adorable! I love it! I am so inpired… Did you say you just sort of made up the pattern? I am so impressed. I actaully like to do that too, but it is true that one too many projects is ruined that way! Oh well I had fun anyway!

    P.S. I am totally going to see if I have any yellow fabric so I can make your candy corn pillows today! I will probably link your blog if that is okay!

  18. How cute is she with the little pigtails?! That dress is so cute. How do you manage to make stuff without a pattern and it always turns out so cute? It’s not fair!

  19. super cute!!!! i love that fabric and the flower is adorable!

  20. VERY cute!

  21. Goodness! Your blood and sweat made a completely insane wicked cute dress. Sadie looks so, so good in those fall colors with her hair and coloring. Just package her up and mail her to my photo studio. I’d love to capture some of her cuteness.

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