a conversation with sadie

it went something like this:


“do you like my new hairdo? me too. i didn’t even pull it out all day.!”(score one for mom)

“now listen VERY closely, dad.”


“can you still hear me? good. bring me home a toy.”


  1. She looks so different with her hair up. Soooo Cute!!! And I love her pink shirt.
    Did her dad bring a toy home?

  2. oh goodness, that has to be the cutest little “do” I have ever seen!

    oh, and that crusty french bread recipe…to.die.for.

  3. Hehehehehhe.

    Sadie looks adorable with her hair like that! (That was Bria’s everyday ‘do at that age.) You should start calling her Sadie Lou Who. 😉

  4. Seriously CUTE!!!!

  5. gracious! too cute for words

  6. Oh.my.gosh. Cutest pics ever!

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