87 cents well spent, and the giveaway winner

hello from sadie!

so…i had a busy afternoon of running errands, baby-less. (thanks mom!) though i missed my little sidekick! she makes grocery shopping so much fun!

i went to wal-mart, the library, the post office, a shop downtown that is selling my onesies (!), and kohls. i got another one of those $10 off any purchase thingys for kohls in the mail, and decided to spend it this time on something for me. usually i get stuff for sadie, but that girl has way too many clothes for her own good. (which is sooo not my fault. i blame target’s clearance and my sewing addiction)

plus i found a super cute shirt in the clearance. (i love me a clearance item)

gosh i’ve said clearance a lot. clearance clearance clearance.

the total? 87 cents out of my own pocket. boo yah!

well, gotta finish packing for disneyland. we’re leaving tomorrow morning. yikes! it’s always an adventure with a child, and the dynamics change every time we go. (this will be sadie’s fourth trip, yes, fourth) i am just glad to not be nursing this time!

i have some posts planned for while i’m gone, so look for those! and now, for the drawing!

the winner is:

Mrs V!

sadie chose you herself! send me your address via princessjess3(at)yahoo.com and i’ll send you the goodies!

and now for some more sadie eye candy. she was enjoying her after-afternoon nap snack of crackers, and watching dad mow the lawn. simple pleasures. :)

love the crumbs by her foot. :)


  1. I am so glad you found my blog too! I hope you enjoy looking through it!

    I love seeing your projects and I LOVE a good deal! The shirt is way cute and I couldn’t be prouder of you, 87 cents! That is good shopping!

  2. Great find on the cute top!! So glad I found your blog! Ahhh, Gilroy!! We moved to Utah two years ago from San Jose. Ahhh, San Jose! Miss that place like nobody’s business!!
    Anyhoo, I love your creativity. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. i love me a clearance deal too! aren’t those kohl’s coupons just the best?!!! have a great trip.

  4. Have fun at Disneyland! Enjoy your last few moments with Steph and Jarom. Lovin’ those pics of Sadie and the window.

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