walkie talkie

sadie is walking and talking a lot lately. she was kind enough to show off some of her vocabulary for me, so here is sadie and her words. except the word “more”…she wouldn’t say that for me. which is weird, cause it’s the word she says the most, especially when there is food involved.

(don’t forget to pause the music on the bottom)

my brother gets home tonight! can’t wait! pictures tomorrow, unless we’re too busy all catching up.


  1. Oh, my heavens… that was completely adorable!

  2. she is so cute!

  3. Ha ha thats so cute!! I love when she talks!!

  4. Awww…melt me now! What a fun stage!!

  5. So cute!! I should get some video of Ella, too. Their voices are so cute at this age!

  6. She totally gave you the cold shoulder on the “more.” haha! I can’t wait to see how her voice sounds when she really starts talking! SO cute!

  7. ok P.S., i keep watching this because it makes me smile so much!! hahah When i get board i’m like “hmmm…what to do? lets watch Sadie again!!” so funny and lame, but true!! I LOOOOOOVE her!!!

  8. So sweet! I loved hearing her talk. She’s a natural in front of the camera.

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