to the park

after dinner tonight we strolled over to our neighborhood park. (and when i say neighborhood, i mean it’s behind our house)

rory was excited about trying sadie’s new (smaller) stroller. it’s so nice! we like it a lot. not sadie though, apparently.

i think i have a ton of pictures of her on this swing…she’s been swinging on it for like, her whole life!

some shots with us….and sadie looking nowhere near the camera, of course. ah well.

here’s a question for all ya’ll. would you rather read a blog for recipes, a blog for crafts, family, etc, or keep it the same? i’ve been thinking about separating them, but if it doesn’t matter, then i won’t bother! go weigh in on the poll i’m making on the top of the page! thanks!

EDIT: looks like it’s unanimous to keep it together. phew! that’s what i was leaning towards anyways. thanks guys, you’re the bestest!


  1. i like the mix up! it’s nice to see different stuff in blogs :)

  2. I love your blog, it’s so much fun because you always have something going on!!

  3. You are so lucky to live by a park. It is so fun to have a place to go and relax with Sadie!

  4. FUN! CUte pics, of course! And thanks for the pics of the BBQ on Monday! I love them! P.s. Sorry for ditching you last night! :( I was just sad that Jarom was leaving, we had JUST found out that he would be doing that sleep thing that night, BOO! I kind of just felt like doing some crafts for his b-day and talking to my mom. SOrry! :( I did watch glee though and LOVED it! I was wishing that i was watching it with you though so we could laugh at it together!!! hahah so funny!

  5. I love the variety. My vote is keep it just the way it is!! I really enjoy seeing your life unfold…and occasional pics of my grandson are a nice perk!

  6. I know I’m late but I say keep it together too!

  7. I separated my two blogs but have considered bringing them back together. I can never decide! But I love yours just as it is. :)

  8. looks like fun!! you have such a cute family!! :)

  9. guess i missed the poll but i agree…keep it the same! less work for you too :)

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