popping and locking

well, this might be one of my last regular shots from my little point and shoot. my camera is out for delivery today, according to fedex’s website. (who had BETTER be right) i can’t wait!

i’ve been brainstorming christmas gifts lately. (yes, already) i want to make at least some of them, but it’s hard thinking of things people will appreciate and not just go….ew i’d prefer a gift card. wish me luck, and let me know if you have any good ideas or stumble onto any. especially for guys, they’re the hardest.

i’ve also been planning up a storm for cassy’s baby shower. it’s so fun, i LOOVE planning parties. i’d love to be a party planner, but it’s too stressful to do all the time. i’d go gray. just once in a while.

we’ve been having a weekly girlie movie night on tuesdays with steph and joanna. last week it was 17 Again…and last night we watched the Hannah Montana movie. yes, we are 13. and yes, the dance is awesome in the HM movie. i learned it last night from youtube. don’t judge. it was a good workout! and yes, rory laughed his face off when he walked in on me popping and locking. and countrifying. lol. you know you’re laughing right now. it’s ok. i don’t blame you. i would too.


  1. I am beyond laughing right now! And really only because my sisters and I learned dances for Britney Spears and NSYNC from watching “Darren’s Dance Grooves.” Yes, I understand…

  2. Heheheh. You’re funny. I would like some video footage, please. 😉 Also, so excited to see some pics taken with your new camera.

    P.S. How do you get the “You Might Also Like:” feature?

  3. Your next entry needs to be a video of you doing the HM dance. You’re so funny Jessica. Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face.

  4. we totally used to watch hannah montana every friday night when we had disney channel! and…we love HSM! haha. oh and also i am trying to figure out homemade christmas gifts too but i am having a really hard time. let me know if you find any good ideas!

  5. I’m working on Christmas too, and I think my expectations are already too lofty for how much I’d like to do.

    A couple of years ago I made t-shirt designs for the guys on my list. I designed them on my computer and printed out iron-ons. The shirts have held up really well, and they all LOVED them, which I honestly did not expect. I may do it again.

  6. I know the Hannah Montana Hoe Down too!

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