justin’s home!

well, the irish boy is home from his mission, safe and sound! last night we headed to the airport (no sadie, too late at night) to meet him!

we’re so green-minded. this sign is the one we made for jarom when he came home. recycling, yeah! (more like laziness)

a slightly blurry group shot. people gave us some weird looks. like the guy holding the sign behind my dad.

and here he is! it was a much shorter wait then when jarom came home, his flight was enormous and he was at the back of the plane. justin popped out within 10 minutes of his plane landing!

hugs all around!


the meeting with sadie this afternoon.

at first she was not quite sure about this strange newcomer. we’d shown her pictures of him, but i don’t think she could quite make that connection.

still wary but warming up…

a few spins, and she was all smiles! they ended up like two peas in a pod, playing on the playroom floor for a long time. she even said,”dudin”. no joke! we’re glad to have him back and hear about all his adventures and see pictures!


  1. He looks all grown up! Glad he’s home!

  2. Crazy Nuts! Matt gets home at the end of January from Germany. I would love to have tho whole famdamily there to see him get home but I don’t know how likely that is. So glad you could save the planet and reuse the sign. :)

  3. Thanks for shairng welcome home photos! So fun to see all the excitement! Justin looks great! Loved the photos of him getting to know Sadie! I’m sure they’ll be best buds soon! Say hi to him for us!

  4. How exciting for your family! Justin has changed soooo much! I don’t even recognize him as the same person I last saw many years ago.
    My mom served a mission in Ireland as well.

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