jumping for bbq

we had ANOTHER barbeque tonight at my parents house. not that we’re complaining or anything. we love trying out all the ways my dad can slow cook pork and beef.

we are definitely not vegetarians. (but nothing against them)

so we (jarom) were fiddling with my camera and joanna and i decided to be dorks and jump around.

soon everyone else joined in and we were a bunch of jumping fools.

even the boys did it. rory was really excited about it. hehe.

this is jake the dog. blog readers, jake. jake, blog readers. jake likes balls, fetch, and eating bits of bbq meat.

this is sadie insisting my mom feed her whatever she wants, in this case, a whole piece of garlic bread. she loves her food, that girl!

and whoa, look how cool we are…we made a pyramid. booyah! josh was up there swaying in the wind.

recipes for magic in the middle peanut butter cookies, and awesome pasta salad coming soon!


  1. I love these pictures, you had me smiling! Thanks!

  2. what happy fun! heart memories were made!!

  3. THose are fun pictures! I love the pyramid. Did you all stay up the first time?

  4. Family time is so much fun!!!!

  5. yeah, we did stay up the first time actually! it was a bit wobbly though!

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