had fun playing with the girls today. sadie’s been “talking” on the phone lately-so cute! also started saying day doo (thank you) and ees (please). melt my heart!

(dontcha just love that nap hair?)

she really did have fun today, don’t let that picture fool you. she didn’t leave a 5 foot radius around her couch. (which i finally finished the bottom of, so it’s now in the play room) it makes me smile that she likes it so much! kinda justifies the many hours spent slaving over that slipcover. 😀

some fun new shirt sprucing-ups coming tomorrow!


  1. I know we haven’t actually met in real life, but I just HAVE to say…your little Sadie is one DARLING gal. Seriously, those cheeks kill me!

  2. Nap hair, love the name, jiji…
    They’re so lovely and it’s so fun when they start with the words only a mom can understand, lol…

  3. The girls are adorable but I love the chair that they’re sitting on. Did you recover that yourself?

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