caramel apple FAIL

these were supposed to look like this.

at least they tasted good! sadie and steph and i thought so.


  1. They still look yummy!

  2. At least your treat was edible! I posted about my last failed attempt at a homemade treat for my kids (fruit leather). Let’s say, there was no tasting happening.

  3. This is pretty funny! I’m glad they tasted good, though :)

  4. I love Family Fun magazine too! What a cute idea! We made caramel apples the other night (such a fall thing to do) and I was just wishing for smaller apples. Thanks for reminding me of this fun project!

  5. so cute! And such a good idea, probably a much better apple to caramel ratio :)

  6. Such a fun idea, they look delicious!

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