the toe adventure

so. i fractured a bit of my toe friday night. fun story, actually. we were playing a game at my parents house called ninja destruction. (we should have named it toe destruction afterwards) anyways, hard to explain, but you play by whacking each other on the hand.

anyways, janae kicked my toe, jamming it back. it’s ok janae, it was an accident! it hurt pretty bad, but i thought it was just you know, ow because she kicked it. then it really started hurting, and i put some ice on it. it started swelling up a bit, then i hobbled home and went to sleep. saturday morning it still hurt, but i had a party to put on, so i kept going, and i think adrenaline saved me. it also made it HURT later that night, the bruising started showing up, all purple and gross.

so i called our insurance provider and they said i could go up to san jose to the minor injury clinic. so we went up saturday night, spent two hours mostly waiting, got an x-ray of my foot, and came to the conclusion that two bits of bone had been chipped off, basically. it should heal in 4 weeks, they said. ice and taping my toesies together was the treatment. pretty much the most expensive scotch tape ever, said rory.

so, watch out for kicking feet, they can be dangerous!

p.s. i am not posting a picture of my toe. i’m sure you understand.


  1. Ouch! I’ve fractured a few of my toes (all on separate occasions). I know what you mean about an expensive scotch tape fix. After the first time, I don’t bother going into the doctors. They all say the same thing, “Tape it to it’s neighboring toe.”
    I hope the pain subsides.

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