so today i really wanted to go somewhere. mostly to try out sadie’s new carseat and see how she liked it. (she loved it) she didn’t at first, actually she was a bit hesitant. it was so cute! she kept looking at me like, mom, is this ok?

we picked up my mom and headed to the salvation army. they were having a 50% off everything in the store sale. awesome! it was PACKED. i got some fun things though.

these books were altogether $3.90-wha? yeah that’s right.

this was my exciting score-a king size vintage sheet in pristine condition! booyah. (and for $1.50!) i have been looking for one (or many) of these babies for quite some time, all we usually have here are the yucky pilly ugly old sheets. i don’t know what i’m doing with it yet, but probably clothes for sadie, maybe even some dorky matching clothes for us. lol. we’ll see. i also found this white fabric…old tablecloth? (90 cents) it’s also very clean. some old candlesticks that i thought i’d paint at first ($1 ish), but now the colors growing on me. and a hand cut metal sconce thingy. ($1.50 ish?)

total: $10.11


has anyone else scored anything cool at a thrift shop/garage sale lately?


  1. Love the sheet! Can’t wait to see what it becomes…:)

  2. Love the books and fabric finds!!

  3. Great finds! Love the fabric and can’t wait to see what you create with it.

  4. Lucky! Fantastic sheet! Maybe it could be a full on outfit for Sadie and Charlotte and you could use scraps to trim a skirt or cardi or something for yourself- you know, not uber matchy. :)

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