one year

it certainly is amazing how fast it flies. it seems like just yesterday i was in the most terrible pain of my life….luckily time fades THAT lovely memory. besides, the end result was pretty incredible! we had a low key birthday, rory came home for lunch, so that was nice for her to see him during the day, and then we went to OD’s for dinner, where she enjoyed her grilled cheese sandwich. now that she’s one, she seems WAY older…even though not much has changed since yesterday. i guess just the way i look at her.

let’s see, at 12 months, she is a force to be reckoned with. if she wants something and you won’t let her have it (say, the dvd player or an unidentifiable piece of what used to be food), she’ll have a fit! luckily she forgets easily and quickly.

she looves books and will bring me her favorites to read to her. she will point to things she recognizes in the books, and loves making the cow sound when she sees the cow in her farm book. (MMMUhhh)

she is getting closer to walking, but is such a fast crawler, i don’t think she sees much use for it yet. no rush there!

she says lots of words: mom, mama, dada, beah (bear), baby, bah (ball), bye bye, hi, mah (more), dii (drink), etc.

she is such a funny little girl and loves being the center of attention. she also loves her food now more than ever. yikes, it’s hard to keep up with her appetite sometimes!

well, that’s all i can think of right now. have pity on my poor brain, i’ve been baking and cleaning and decorating all day for sadie’s party tomorrow!

here’s some fun pictures from each month of sadie’s first year!


  1. So cute! It’s fun to see how she has grown up. Happy Birthday to Sadie!!! I hope her party goes well! Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Sadie!! I love how you posted a picture from each month–it’s fun to see how much she’s changed! I might just have to steal that idea! 😉

  3. Happy Birthday Sadie. I love how you changed your blog layout to reflect this special day.
    Sadie’s such a cutie! And you’re a great mom.

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