one happy monster

ok, sorry cassy. this outfit won’t be a surprise. but aren’t you smiling now?

i just had to share this uber cute outfit i made for my bestie cassy’s baby boy, due in november. first, i scored the pants on clearance at target for $1.11. sorry to tell you the price of your gift, cass, but i thought you’d be appreciative of the score. you can’t really tell, but they have green stitching on the pockets, that’s what made me go for the… monster onesie, with a reversible applique.

what’s that? you say? i said the same thing. this tutorial is great! and isn’t it a fun look? it took me forever to draw a monster face i liked, it ended up being like mike wazowski from monsters inc.

i love it! what do you guys think?


  1. So super cute!! And nice score on the pants! 😉

  2. I tried the reverse applique once but my onesie was too see-through. It looked terrible. Maybe it is time to try again! I have thicker shirts now…way too cute!!!

  3. aww…..cute! thanks for linking to me! we love monsters in this house….that is where my daughter’s nickname came from….and then my blog name!

  4. Love it! I’ve been looking at different monster onesies to get ideas, but thanks to my dear old gal Jess I don’t have to make one! hehe!

  5. Love the cyclops monster!

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