an on day

at least i rebounded quickly from my off day yesterday! thanks to another trip to wal-mart for the right pectin, i finished the peach jam. (delicious)i used this tutorial/recipe…very simple. i don’t know why i’ve never made it before. glaring oversight on my part.

i also made this dress for sadie from start to almost finish during her afternoon nap. I haven’t hemmed it yet cause my mom’s getting a serger! woohoo! jealous.

i was inspired by a dress i saw at target today that had little pleats along the front. of course my brain started whirling.

“i can do that myself!” i said to myself. not out loud. but almost.

so here it is! made with some cheap muslin to try it out (the pleats), but i kinda like it. it was way boring, so i added the sash and flower pin…from my new sheet! i love it!


  1. I love figuring things out for myself! It makes me feel like super-crafter!!

  2. I like the sheet fabric with your very plain muslin they go together like strawberries and chocolate!!! I have never tried peach freezer jam it looks wonderful!!!

  3. the sash and flower definitely give the dress cuteness.
    The peach jam looks yummy.

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