an off day

today we had an “off” day.

sadie’s working on some new teeth, so she’s an irritable grizzly bear. (name that book)

i am a tad overwhelmed by sadie’s birthday party. (i shouldn’t be, but i’m a sucker for details…)

i got bitten about 8 times on my legs by an unidentified bug. they itch!

and…i had big plans to turn these ripe peaches from my in-laws tree into freezer jam.

i even got to the mashing/sugar part.

then i realized i got the wrong fruit pectin. gorsh!

oh well. sadie was up from her nap anyways.

can you tell she had an “off” day too? poor thing was grumpy all day. (poor both of us!)

and to top it off, she figured out how to open the kitchen cupboards. although only the tupperware one so far. i don’t hold out much hope for her not figuring out the others.


one of those days.

tell me you have em too!

p.s. all the nice things you had to say on my last post sure cheered me up! thanks everybody!


  1. It’s inevitable that as children get older you will have more of “those days.” That’s why women will always have the harder job than their male counterparts; we can’t tell you what our day will hold!

  2. totally had an off day monday! i hate those days! come to think of it… most mondays feel that way!

    ps… the food processor is totally my best friend for chopping up that freezer jam fruit!

  3. Awww…I know how you feel. I have many off days! Thank goodness for night time where you can sleep your troubles away and start the next day new.
    why does teething have to hurt so much? Poor Sadie.

  4. Hello, I love your blog! I also live in Gilroy but can’t find freezer jam containers. Where did you find them?

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