helloo floating hand

so lately it’s been a bit challenging keeping sadie entertained (quietly) during church. we bring books for her to look at, but beyond that, i’m stumped.

i don’t really want to bring her stuffed animals. they are quiet, but really she just tosses them around. i don’t really want a pile of poor defenseless animals behind our pew every week. so…hand puppets! i had a totally different idea of what i wanted when i started, but then it morphed into these nature inspired “puppets”.

i decided to use my trusty hot glue gun, in the sake of saving time. i’m not gonna lie, i burned my fingers more than once. (alright, five times) i sewed the finger pockets and cut around them with my pinking shears, and then free-handed the nature shapes. i just used the cheap craft felt, since i have every color under the rainbow (ha, ha) sitting around here. (except white…???) btw, that dag nab rainbow was the reason i have burned fingertips. grumble grumble. the things we do for our kids.

super easy, and a quick project during her nap. i think i’m gonna make some more sometime. animals….modes of transportation….the possibilities are endless!


  1. These are adorable. What about Book of Mormon characters or stories? That would be awesome!

  2. I can totally see you doing a felt quiet book. Was that your original idea?

    Also I was looking though my bookmarks and found another link you may like to blog about, National Sewing Month.


    You can put a banner on your page too:

  3. Ooh! There’s a contest for it. You should totally enter with your refurbished chair bed!


  4. Very cute idea! These work for teaching the creation:)

  5. oooh the creation! perfect. i totally meant to do that. lol. and yup, these were my own design at least. finger puppets have been around for awhile. but still, one thing i can call my own! woo hoo.

  6. Very cute! My felt book of the seasons has been a work in progress for…a while. haha! Way to get it done quickly!

  7. I love how they turned out. I bet Sadie will have a fun time pulling them off and on your fingers (and her own).

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