bow/clippy holder tutorial

sadie’s hair bow and clips have been a little out of control lately. the cute little bowl i bought to put them in has overflowed. (flown?) alas, a new way of controlling the chaos was needed. and she doesn’t even wear bows every day. momma just got carried away with the glue gun. AGAIN.

i’ve seen some tutorials for these…but it’s pretty straightforward, this is just how i made mine.

in under 15 minutes. boo yah!

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i grabbed this out of the closet where it had been ceremoniously shoved a few months ago.

what you’ll need:
a frame without glass
cardboard insert
fabric (and batting if you wish) cut to overlap cardboard by about an inch
various matching ribbons
and your trusty glue gun

first, make sure you iron your fabric so it’s nice and smooth. no one wants to hang up wrinkly fabric. ew. then line the fabric and batting up, flip over, and…

glue the heck out of it! don’t get your fingers.

fold the corners like a present, or just glue em as best you can like it did. nobody’s gonna see the back, unless they take it off the wall just to nitpick about a messy back. those people should stay away from my house.

lay your ribbon over the top and cut with an inch or two extra to wrap around the back.

pin the ribbons in place.

again, glue gun to the rescue. you know what to do.

pop it in your frame, and tada! you’re done! fill ‘er up with clips and such, and you’re in business. of course, sadie has so many that you can’t see the fabric, so i had to remove some. yikes.

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  1. such a great idea, hope I remember this when our bows overflowith!

  2. Ok… First of all thank you so much for stopping in and reading a bit of my blog! You are incredibly sweet and SO talented! I am glad that I stumbled upon you work, it is really really inspiring! The party you threw for Sadie was darling! How exciting… I am now an official fan and follower, looking forward to much, much more! Have a wonderful night! C

  3. Very cute!!

  4. Too cute! I found your site via Dollar Store Crafts and then started clicking away!

  5. what an awesome idea! thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Hi just found your site through the Dollarstore crafts site. I love this idea and great tutorial. I also like the matching game (christmas present)!

  7. Such a great idea! love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Your blog is full of inspiration. :)

  8. great tutorial! it looks so cute ^^

  9. Amazing idea!!! I am doing this and the kitchen towel idea TODAY!! Also bookmarking your blog right now!

  10. As fellow barrette, clilp, and bow wranglers, we are loving this…so we linked to it on our site.

    Hope you stop by!


  11. I absolutely love that fabric, where could I find it?

  12. @ Melissa-the fabric is from Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden line. :)

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