all hail her majesty’s sippy cup

sadie enjoys her food.

that’s all there is to it. we’re glad she does, as it eliminates any fighting over eating this food or that food.

(although she doesn’t like avocado much)

she also loves her sippy cup.

so much that she will toss it over the side of her high chair-er, throne, when she’s done and let one of her slaves retrieve it for her.

until recently.

today, sadie perfected the art of placing her sippy cup BACK into the appropriate cubby hole.

much cheering was heard from the parents…

..and her highness was very proud of herself.

she celebrated this victory by stripping down to her diaper.

and frolicking on her new couch.

her subjects joined her in the merriment.

All rejoiced!


  1. What a very cute Princess!!!!

  2. OMG could she be any cuter???

  3. That was fun to read. So cute!

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