Sweetie. pie.

Today I attempted and conquered pie crust! Real pie crust, not a graham cracker crust or anything. It was in honor of Rory’s mom’s birthday today. She is a pie fan and master. So…it had to turn out good! It got rave reviews, so I think I’ll make this one again, although it was a little bit runny, I think it needed a little while longer in the fridge. Nothing beats fresh strawberries! I also made a vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting that was pretty good too! Below are the recipe links.

Strawberry cream cheese frosting
Vanilla cake
Pie crust
Strawberry filling


Sadie looked super cute today in her new outfit I made the other day. It fit really well, I didn’t have to adjust anything, which was nice! Plans for more shirts like this are in the works. :)


  1. Mmmmm…that pie looks YUMMY!! And Sadie looks adorable in her little outfit. I always so amazed with all of your skills! :)

  2. That pie looks fantastic! I am going to check out your vanilla cake recipe;) Can I add these to my recipe blog?

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