Quilt: check.

I managed to finish up the Craft Hope quilt last night! I actually got to bed at a decent hour too. I swear, watching (listening) to Friends while sewing really makes the time fly!

I didn’t bind the edges, opting to finish it quickly so I can make another one. (hopefully)I used my new walking foot to quilt around the squares, easy peasy. I loove my walking foot…it makes your quilting lines so much straighter!

The backing is a simple sheet, leftover from this quilt.

Oh so sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and thought about the precious baby it would keep warm during every stitch. What a joy and blessing service is!

They also need pillowcases and hankies…I cut up my odd pieces of flannel for the hankies (although I think I’m going to go back with my pinking shears and use them on the edges), it felt good to use those up for a good cause! I also used my immense amount of that plaid fabric to make a simple receiving blanket. I had picked up some pillowcases at the Salvation Army for random purposes, but this tops anything I could do with them. :)


  1. CUTE! YAY for service! Wow, that was a quick quilt! Good for you!

  2. LOVE how the quilt turned out! And hey, I was watching Friends last night, too. I borrowed all 10 seasons from my sister in law, so I’ve been watching the series from the very beginning. I never really watched it when it was on TV, so it’s been fun!! :) I’m on season four now, so only six more to go! Wahoo! :)

  3. The quilt turned out sooo cute:) I am so amazed at how fast you finished! I know that someone is going to feel so much better by having something soft next to their skin!!!

  4. You are fast! I love how it turned out. The baby who gets it will be so lucky to have a blanket stitched with so much love.

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