Busy day….

Today included:

Sadie’s first pasta, of which she was a BIG fan. Not.

The ceremonial first mowing of the front lawn! oooooh aaaaah.

Doesn’t it look swanky?

Here’s the full effect! Super nice, I know.

Also included Stephanie doing my hair! I went back to my blond side! I love it, it’s so summery.

A family picture on our front steps…

and Sadie emptied part of our flower beds. Hey-it kept her happy for like 20 minutes. I never say no to that kind of fun.


  1. Love your hair–it’s always fun to lighten up in the summer! Your grass looks great! So green and thick and lush! Ella has tried pasta, too…only she liked it. 😉 LOVE Sadie’s scrunched up face in response. hehehhehehehe

  2. The pasta face is so cute! I love it! And your hair too! I want to be blonde again…

    PS-no recipes in mind for the cucumbers. I didn’t actually order them, so I have no clue what to do with them before they go bad…any ideas?

  3. First of all…Love the yard. Your grass grew in beautifully.
    Second, Sadie’s expression after trying pasta is hilarious!
    THird, Love your Hair!!! It’s so cute. Perfect for the summer.

  4. love your new do!

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