10 months old.

Sheesh. What a drama queen.

All I did was try and take a few 10 month pictures and this is what I got. A full on tantrum.

Luckily, with Aunt Nae Nae’s help we quickly got her on her favorite toy.

Soon, smiles were popping up and we knew the worst was past us.

At 10 months, Sadie sure has become a handful. She’s so wriggly and on the move! Obviously now she can crawl, but hasn’t used that skill to make my life miserable….yet. She loves all food. Especially pineapple, banana muffins, and chicken. She gets so excited when Rory comes home, especially if we’re in the kitchen and she can see him on the front porch. Arms waving and smiling and cooing! She loves her new bathroom makeover.She loves to dance! If a beat comes on, she starts bopping along…it’s the. cutest. thing. ever. She’s still a bit shy at play dates and is wary of other kids. She likes her space I guess. She likes reading her books, she’ll sit there and turn the pages…and then turn it upside down and look at it again. She loves the pictures of cats. She says “DA”. Which is her word for EVERYTHING. Except for kisses. She loves to give us kisses and says” MAH!” when she kisses our cheeks. I love my morning kisses from Sadie. So slobbery and wonderful.

Oh, and her third tooth popped through. Hooray.


  1. such a sweet little one, be careful before you know it she’ll be all grown up, she is such a doll, even during her tantrum!

  2. Awwww, she’s sooo cute!! I love hearing about her! Our girls are at such a fun age right now and it sounds like Ella and Sadie are doing a lot of the same things! Only two more months til the big ONE. Ahhhhh!! 😉

  3. I can’t believe how old she is! In 2 months she’ll be a year?!?!?! Ca-ra-zay!

  4. Soooo cute!
    My Lilla has the exact same cardigan. ^^

    kisses from Brazil!

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