sewing withdrawals

Ahhhhh. My sewing withdrawal is gone. How was I able to sew without a machine, you ask? My BFF Cassy graciously let me borrow hers! (Thank you Thank you!) I was able to finish up a few projects that had been on hold, and do some work for the shop. First off, my mens shirt into a dress…success! Although I have no idea if it fits her…she’s napping. We’ll see! A quick present for someone I won’t say because obviously I haven’t given it to them yet. And…a headband to match Sadie’s other new dress. I was so desperately bored the other night I made this yo-yo and cut out a few headbands. Wow, I’m sad huh. Can’t go a few days without sewing at all. It won’t be fixed for another week probably, we haven’t had a chance to take it in yet. We’ll see how I survive.

Don’t forget, I’m drawing a winner for my giveaway tonight! You still have time to enter! See you later!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note here is my cutie at the park in her new shorts. I have enough of the fabric that I think I’ll make her a pair in every size til she doesn’t like them or I run out…whichever comes first! Also, I think I like the cross process feature on Picnik the best.


  1. Cross process seems to be my favorite feature, too! I love your new header! How/where did you make it?

  2. Okay, so I totally want to do the men’s shirt dress! So cute! And because you have my machine I got a ton of work done last night. haha! Maybe you wanna keep it a couple more days?

  3. Okay, so I went to that lovely name site and all it was was baby names…what do I need to click on? Also, what size is your header? I want to make a header that size, but don’t know how! Help!! 😉

  4. You’ve been busy Jessica!
    You can come over anytime to see the baby! You’re always welcome at our home.

  5. oh i didn’t know about any drawing…is it for people out of CA too?? hahah!!!
    I just looked at all your postings and it seriously AMAZING how can sew just about anything! I love the men’s shirt/dress~ SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

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