How have I never heard of this website Picnik? It’s awesome! It’s free, although of course you can pay to get “special features”. I liked the simple and fun stuff you can do. Having no Photoshop skills, or the actual program Photoshop, I’ve never played around with photos this much…and boy is it fun. (read: addicting) It kept me up an hour past my bedtime last night.

Recognize this picture from my last post? Now it looks all artsy fartsy. I looove it.

Now, a sketch I whipped up of Sadie. haha.

She looks all intense…and so cute!

whoa, cool.

I liked how this one looks kinda Norman Rockwell-ish. Don’t you think?

So, if you try it on some of your pics, I want to see it!


  1. These are too cute:)

  2. Wow! Cool! I’m definitely going to have to check out that sight! I could see myself having lots of fun with that…and staying up way past my bedtime, too. 😉 Thanks for sharing! Love what you did with all your pics!

  3. Way cool!!I’ll have to check it out!!

  4. Ohh I love these! I especially love the vintagy looking one of saders in her hat. I can’t wait to get on there an experiment with my own pictures!

  5. I’m definitely checking out that sire. My favorite is the last picture of you and Sadie.

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