I feel like I should have a separate craft/sewing blog because of how much I post about that here. (lately) But then again…nope.

Too lazy.

So this has been my obsession of the past 18 hours.

I wanted to make a patch-work type bib late last night, so I went and made one. (and four more this morning/afternoon…I adore nap time) It was AFTER I said good night to Rory, so he had a good laugh when he heard the sewing machine start up again and came back just to laugh in my face. What a sweet husband. haha. At least he puts up with my insatiable crafting appetite.

Which is NOT for the faint of heart.

I also am preparing for a pinwheel quilt, a big, BIG, BIG one. Well, a twin (ish). I can’t wait! I have lots cut out, but probably won’t use half. Just want to have some options.

I also went and raided my mom’s scrap fabric stash this morning and found some great (authentic!) vintage fabrics! Some of them are in the bibs. I even found an old horse print that I was in LOVE with when I was a kid. (I had a horse-crazy phase)

We had a great lunch at Kim’s today! Stephanie, Aimee, and I were there, along with the assorted kiddos. It was a great chance to talk and for them to get to know Stephanie better! All of our boys are going to the father/sons campout tonight, so GNO!! We have big plans for OD’s for dinner, and then maybe a movie or shopping, plus demolishing some chocolate chunk cookies I made for tonight. (dont’ worry boys, I made you a bunch of oatmeal chocolate chip!)

Now I’m off to go watch either Southland or Grey’s Anatomy from last night, before Sadie wakes up. Hmm…what to choose?


  1. Cute bibs! GNO sounds delightful! Why are Father and Sons always on Mother’s Day weekend? Ironic!!

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