Nine months!

My dad summed it up when he said today,”Sadie you’ve been out as long as you were in.” Plus 11 days since she showed up late. Don’t worry Sadie, I’ll stop holding that grudge against you when you’re like 30.

So, nine months old. Three months til she’s a year old. I will try my hardest to not say it goes so fast—IT GOES SO FAST!

I could not hold it in. sorry.

Sadie is such a happy, fun baby. When she’s not teething. She’s getting more mobile and wiggly…usually so calm and laid back. I have to keep a sharp eye on her. She loves to eat! Especially bananas, any kind of fruit, bread, and yogurt melts. She eats those first. She loves to watch the show My Friends Tigger and Pooh. She loves the swings, still! She makes a little scrunchy face lately that will knock your socks off, it’s so cute. She likes playing with my hair and earrings, and pulls on them both…ouch. She can’t fall asleep at night until her head is tucked into the corner of her crib.

She hoards binkies. True story. We’ve been down to one binky for the past, like, week. (we have 10 or so floating around…I was stumped to where they had gone!) Then this morning it went missing! I looked under her blanket, bear, crib, all over the room. Nothing. Then I looked behind the bumper…they had fallen (been shoved?) in between the crib mattress and the slats…out of sight. I right away started cracking up and called Rory to tell him I found the MIA binkies. There were FOUR stashed down there.

She loves to quilt, ok throw my squares around. She loves to stand at her play table, and will stand up for a loong time. Her legs must be strong! She LOVES going in the bike trailer. Alright, I lie, she tolerates it. She does like waving at me while she’s in it. She loves to wave to anybody, and will wave if you say Hi or Bye without someone waving first. (I thought that was pretty good…proud mother moment!) She’s still sleeping through the night. (thank goodness) She’s getting way close to crawling too, right on the verge. (at least the “official” way, she scoots her booty anywhere she wants to backwards, or in circles while sitting.) Also she lifts her whole body up on hands and feet and then looks at me like, “What do I do now Mom?” In short,

We heart Sadie.


  1. What a cutie…and yeah, time does fly by so fast! Bria was a binky hoarder, as well. I was always finding hers hidden between the crib and the wall, too. Must be a popular hoarding spot. 😉 I like your Dad’s line…I’m going to have to use that in 10 days when Ellie catches up with Sadie.

  2. That was so fun to read. I love reading about your joys of motherhood.
    I can’t wait to read about what she’s doing at the 1 year mark.

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