My first shirt

I cut it out and sewed most of it last night, until the sleeves stopped me in my tracks. I’ve never put sleeves on in my life. Luckily, my mom who is an experienced seamstress (who does offer lessons!), is only a mile and a phone call away. I went over there during Sadie’s morning nap and she showed me a VERY easy way to put in sleeves. The pattern is carazay with how they wanted me to put in the sleeves. After that, it was hem hem hem and sew a button on the back. I want to make 3 or 4 or 30 of these! (maybe not 30) I’ve had this combo of fabrics sitting around waiting to be used for ages. Isn’t it sweet?

Kim and I also went to a Las Madres garage sale and we both scored! I got three pairs of shoes, an (almost new) crib bumper, four shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a dress for $18! Sah-weet. I will post pictures once they are out of the dryer…they’re adorable!

Update: They are dry.

Here is the new bumper (in VERY good shape, no stains or rips at all…this was all of $5.

Her new (to her) clothes. All Osh Kosh, Gap, or Children’s Place, all for not much at all!

Her new (to her) big girl shoes. They’re all larger sizes, but oh so cute and in pretty good shape! The sparkly silver ones are my faves!! They were all together about $4.50.


  1. I have that plaid sundress for Rayne. SHe’s too big for it now, but she loved it!!

  2. Oh my word. Amazed I am. I love the feeling after you make something that turns out beyond adorable and you have like this high and you want to do it over and over and over again! LOVE it! That girl is SO stylin! AND I LOVE garage Sale-ing! It was so rainy today here though. Anyway, good finds!!! You go girl!

  3. I LOVE that fabric combo and the shirt turned out darling!!!!! Way to go on your garage sale finds!

  4. Awesome finds and I LOVE that shirt! Such a cute style and the fabrics are so fun together!

  5. Love,love,love the shirt! Great job Jessica!
    You are a great shopper. Can you come my way and go shopping with me? You always know how to find the cutest stuff.

  6. Can you tell me what pattern you used for the shirt, it’s so cute! I have two girls and I love that style. Awesome finds too by the way…

  7. Anna- I used the Simplicity 3511 pattern, it was pretty easy! Good luck!

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