mo shirts

Am I boring you? By sewing too much? Cause if I am…oh well. My blog, my life! well, this picture is pretty self explanatory, I made another shirt today, and it went much smoother this time, I was able to make it faster (although it’s not hemmed), and didn’t waste time on the directions! (much) I LOOVE this fabric. Isn’t it adorable? now my baby just has to do some growing so she can fit into it.

Except I don’t want her to grow! Shopping around the “baby” section of the store lately has made me realize she’s slowly creeping into the toddler phase of life. How did this happen? And without my knowledge! The nerve. At a Relief Society meeting about organization tonight (awesome, BTW), she creepy crawled in circles on the floor.

BACKWARDS, but still.

She’s on the move! My big little girl. The time really DOES fly by, as much of a cliche that it, it’s true. I am soaking up the Sadie baby seconds as they come.

On another note, my scrapbooks have come to live with me finally! They were staying at Rory’s parents. Because we kept forgetting to bring them here. So, here they sit, waiting for a shelf. All TWENTY TWO of them. Yeah I was a little obsessed. Still am, but much less. Sewing seems to have captured my fancy lately. (like, the whole last year) Also, I am starting a quilt. Whew.


  1. I am SOOO impressed! You go girl, um and 22 scrapbooks?!?!? Wowza!

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