Funeral march

Sad day…last night while I was trying to finish up a cute men’s shirt into dress transformation, my sewing machine died. I was distraught, and tried all the tricks to fix it. Alas, it needs a tune up. (so, a temporary death) And a trip to San Jose…since there are no sewing machine repair shops down here in Gilroy. Are you kidding me? Does no one else sew in this town? I know that’s not true, but we few don’t warrant a store…anyways, over it.

So, I will be without my machine for a few days…luckily my mom is a few minutes away! And has a sewing machine! Hiya mom, I’ll be over a lot in the next few days…jk. But not really.

In better news, the dress fits!! It’s so cute on her too, although hampers her crawling a bit. It’s very flowy and long and summery.

I finally got around to watching Australia since there was nothing to sew on during nap time. Pretty good! I enjoyed it, although parts were cheesy. I will finally get that back to Netflix. I think I’ve had it for over a month. yikes! Time for a new movie!

Better go, Sadie is chewing me out from her crib. Come and get me Mom!


  1. SO CUTE on her! I mean what’s NOT cute on her, but seriously it turned out adorable! FUN!!!

  2. Ahh, to lose her so young and in her prime. But at least you had a good run. hehe. Seriously though, you probably put a good ten years of sewing on that thing so good job that it lasted THIS long!

  3. Huge bummer! Well, you will have a forced break for a couple days!! The dress looks so cute on Sadie! She is so cute that a paper sac would look darling. LOL

  4. THat’s my favorite outfit that I’ve seen you make. Although anything looks cute on Sadie. She’s getting so big!

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