12 for 12 May

Wow, I’ve been bad at remembering to take these pictures, but this month I remembered LAST NIGHT. Woo! So here is our day in 12 pictures!

1. Bracelets sent from the lovely Heather! So cute and I loved the card!
2. Shopping list and coupons….it’s grocery day! I only saved $6 this week, but I only had about 5 or 6 coupons, so…
3. Put some snaps on some more patchwork bibs. It’s an illness. I can’t stop making them.
4. Re-arranged and added some plates to my wall. Still not quite right…
5. Lunch…yum! I’ve been cutting up broccoli and keeping carrots and fruit handy so I’m more inclined to grab that kind of thing when I’m hungry. (instead of a handful of chocolate chips)
6. Sadie! Fresh from her morning nap…usually a very happy baby this time of day.
7. The infamous rose bush…even MORE roses now…I should get out there again.
8. She hasn’t pulled herself up in her crib yet, she just likes to stand there while I put away clothes in her room.
9. Lunchtime for Sadie! On the menu: bread, bananas, Apple, Kiwi Mango puree with Cottage cheese and some apple juice water. Yum!
10. Some of my quilt squares for the new pinwheel quilt. I LOVE this so far.
11. Took a bike ride after Rory left for Mutual early over to my parents house to say hello to everyone! She likes it enough, just tends to slump over to her left, hence the pillow.
12. Joanna came over to work on a project for her screenplay class, and played with bebe until she went to bed. Then I worked on my quilt while she wrote. It was quite fun! We work well together.

So that’s our day…It wasn’t half bad!


  1. Wow you had a very productive day!!! I love your wall of plates:) I am really loving your pinwheel quilt it looks so comfy! Have a wonderful Wed.

  2. Why do your days always sound so much more fun than mine? 😉 And why does Sadie have to have so much hair? Ella is still pretty bald. Oh well. 😉 Love your photo collages every month!

  3. You’re so good at writing what you do each day. How do you squeeze it in with everything else you do?
    That quilt is looking awesome! I can’t wait to see the finished product. How big are you making it?

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