Sicky Sickerson

Argh. I absolutely despise being sick. Especially when it comes at such a bad time. We leave tomorrow morning for Oregon, for my brother and Stephanie’s wedding, and I hope that I feel better by then. The good thing is, I’ve been battling it for a few days, so it’s almost run it’s course. Then I can stop taking nasty dissolving Zicam. Yummm. not. I do love the Ricola cherry flavor cough drops. Well, not love, but you know. Anything is good if it helps. Last night I think I got about 3 hours straight total of sleeping time. It felt like Sadie was a newborn again, and not in a fun way. Oh well.

We are looking forward to the trip and wedding! Packing today and shopping for some last minute items are on the agenda. Oh and sleeping, sometime. So Stephanie, if I look all sick and crazy in your wedding pictures, I’m sorry. You can photoshop me out. hehe.


  1. Get better and enjoy the wedding.
    We’ve had sicknesses in our house too.
    I’m glad the contractions stopped too. I guess I overdid it that day.

  2. No fun! Get feeling better and enjoy the wedding!

  3. Best wishes on your journey to Oregon. The air is generally very crisp and clear in Oregon, maybe that will be just the thing you need:)

  4. What are you talking about?! I love being sick! Ecspecially when I have a baby and have to travel! It’s the best! haha. Hope you feel better and post lots of pictures while you’re gone!

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