I did it. Went and clipped some flowers from the bush. In my defense, the plant is literally growing through the fence to get to our side. AND all the flowers I clipped barely made a dent. AND the neighbors don’t care about the flowers on our side since they can’t see them/therefore don’t KNOW they’re over here. Is there a law about this? I feel antsy.

I spread the wealth throughout the dining room, living room, and my craft room. I just LOVE fresh flowers. I want to grow a huge cutting garden in my backyard someday…


  1. They are so perty!! Love, love the roses. Maybe you can have a grandma jean garden one day! How fun will that be?? Sadie is growing up so fast. Soon she will be all over the place…lol

  2. So beautiful!! We were driving into Charleston today to go to the Apple store (not the fruit) and there were 3 diffferent types of wild flowers on the side median, I was not driving and did not have a single camera with me, good thing or I may have caused an accident whilst photographing it.

  3. you rebel you! they are beautiful, and i’m sure your neighbors won’t mind, besides what they don’t know can’t hurt them

  4. Thief! I am calling the cops!!

  5. yeah, I’m PretTy sure they don’t read my blog. haha

  6. I think you should cut some more roses and bring them over to your neighbor.
    They’d probably have no idea that they were theirs.

  7. If the plant is growing over the fence, you are legally allowed to cut it down or harvest the fruit. We have an overgrown tree in our backyard that our neighbors trimmed, which my dad wasn’t a big fan of, but it’s their right.

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