New skirt

New skirt=new pictures, of course.

I used this tutorial…although it’s a little self explanatory.

It’s a little short for Sadie but looks fine for now and as long as she “sags” her skirt. lol.

I just LOVE how she crosses her feet when she’s sitting. It’s oh so fancy, and cute.

She was all stoic and solemn for me. It’s hard to make a baby smile while you’re also trying to take the pictures!

Until her Daddy came in! She loves him!


  1. CUTE! She is so dang cute i can hardly stand it! and cute outfit and everything! I love when she crosses her feet too! hahahha she’s so silly! I’ll be her new auntie in 11 days!!!

  2. Very sweet!!!! You are such a good seamstress!!!!

  3. Great job, Jessica! Every picture you post of Sadie is adorable. Where do you find such cute fabric?

  4. Yeah, Brown shoes! preferably heels but you can wear flats, that’s totally ok with me! just as long as they are brown! ha ha As for the hair, I think Jenni and Court said they are going to curl theirs but I’m cool with whatever, if you want to match that’s cool. If not, that’s ok too! Probably down, but curly or straight…i don’t care. haha whatever you’re more comfortable with. Oh, and i’m just going to have everyone wear a white tank top under their dress because it comes down a little low and i figure everyone has a white undershirt anyway. ummmmm….for jewelry, I had my sister make some matching bracelets for all the bridesmaids but that’s it for jewels so I have those and your sweater so all you need to remember is your dress, and your shoes! and a white undershirt! And….oh yeah, your cute face!!! :) If you have ANY other questions just let me know! you can call me or text me or…you have LOTS of ways to get ahold of me! hha anyway, see ya soon! :)

  5. Did you make the headband too? If so how did you make it. I have a 7 month twin, I would like to make some cute headbands for.

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