This little girl is getting closer and closer to crawling. That means more losing-of-the-balance, falling over, etc., unfortunately.

We had two spills today, but she handled them pretty well! We had a strange day (baby schedule-wise) today. She woke up at 10 am…usually she’s up by 8! We were meeting Cassy and Rayne for lunch (supposed to be after her nap), so we just went a little bit earlier. I had a buy one get one free coupon at Erik’s Deli, so heck yeah we were going to use it! We hit up Children’s Place too, and I cleaned the store out, scoring eight (count ’em-8!) shirts for her for about $25. Sah-weet! We then headed over to Harry and David’s to get Rory more of his new obsession, strawberry gummi straw things, and a cute plate for my plate wall. It was a nice day, warm and breezy, so we enjoyed walking around the outlets…something I have never really done. My family and I always avoided the outlets…mostly full of tourists and out of towners.

The rest of the afternoon was nice, I finished up some orders for the shop, and played with bebe while catching up on the Biggest Loser and American Idol. I don’t like Anoop. He needs to A-leave. (snicker) Guess we’ll see tonight…We opened the windows up when Rory got home and let in all the fresh cool air…we’ve been having a heat wave so it felt oh so good! We also went on a walk after dinner, also something we haven’t done in a week or two…can I just say I love our neighborhood?

I swept my floors today for the first time since we got home…yuck. It was pretty dirty. I hate sweeping floors…I hate cleaning any of my floors. I avoid vacumming with a vengance. lol. I’ll clean the garage though…Ah well.


  1. That’s good, clean the one area most people don’t see. haha. Today was fun, I think we need more BOGO days!

  2. Once she starts crawling…Look out!
    Enjoy the time you have left of not having to chase her everywhere and worry about what she can get into.

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