I’ve realized recently (today) that I am a go with the flow crafter.

I hate ticking things off of the crafty to-do list…although I have a list. I have to be inspired and then obsessed with a project. Like today, I had run out of baby cards in my stash and I’m going to a shower this Friday…so…what to do but whip up a card? I admit, I don’t like making cards much, but once I came up with this (I think), super cute banner idea, I got a little carried away. lol! I didn’t include the one I made for the shower cause I think she reads my blog…but here’s an idea of what your card will look like Megan, hehe. So, while Sadie slept, (sleeps) I ate more M&M’s from the wedding and had fun with my sewing machine….it’s much more manageable to sew on a small piece of cardstock than a 12×12.

I’m in the midst of a household organization spree. (read: craft room and my closet so far) Hey, baby steps…it’s a big house! I have a PILE of scrapbooking stuff that I’m giving away or donating, so if you want/need free supplies give me a ring. It feels good to purge (ew gross word), and I’m loving that my drawers full of alphas and rubons close now! Maybe that will get me to scrap again….


  1. Such cute cards! I love the banner idea! What a great way to use up some scraps!!

  2. Hey! I just did cards today too! Mother’s Day ones, but still.

  3. Very cute idea!!!!

  4. Oh my CAYUTE!!! You are so flipping clever! I wish I was there to go through your scrappy stuff, BUT I don’t know that I have any more room for even one more piece of paper…I’m not allowed to go into certain stores and sections of stores for awhile…mind control! Now I am so inspired, I am going to make some mothers day cards too! :) By the way, I remember when you and rory sent me and john a gift card in an adorable card that said ‘love’ on it, and I distinctly remember telling John, this card is so cute! DO you think she made it? Hahaha, Love it. Love you!

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