Seven Months old…

Seven months old! Wow. Sadie is growing all the time and changing in front of our eyes! She sits up so well (she has been for awhile though so nothing new there), she’s been rocking forward while sitting so we think she’ll start crawling from that position. She still loves her solids, although peas make her gag. lol. She can feed herself her yogurt melts and cereal, and holds her sippy cup great! Even without handles! She loves to babble. She said mama the other day, although it was followed by mamamamama…so we’re not sure she know what anything means yet. haha. She has her days, though, when she’s teething…yikes! Watch out! Like today. Anyone want to baby sit? lol. Just kidding! We love our sweet pea. Still only one tooth. Can’t wait for the rest to show up.

Look at that scrinchy grin!

“riding” her Christmas pony! (do not worry, my hand was on her leg and she was planted quite firmly on top of the horsie)

There’s that scrinchy grin again!

Today she had a blast banging on our sliding door and looking at the backyard! Ah, the things that amuse a baby!


  1. She is so cute and is getting so big.

  2. I second that. hehe.

  3. I love her cute grin and she looks so cute on her horsey!!!! Happy 7 months;)

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