Over the past few days…

We have:

-worked on the front yard and front of the house in preparation for landscaping and…we get to paint the house! Thanks, government, for giving us back our money.

-tried out four different paint colors, all of which we’re not sure about.

-dealt with poor little teething Sadie. The backed up issue has, er, resolved itself, but poor thing is still in pain from gas and teething.

-We have gotten up about 15-20 times (just last night) to console her.

-froze her teether twice

-Rory bought an XBox. Yes, we now have an Xbox, Playstation 3, and a Wii. AND Rory’s super fast computer system. He is SUCH a gaming nerd. I love him still.

-I went shopping (because of said Xbox purchase) and was able to find seven shirts I LOVE, for about $80. What a deal!

-had these crazy girls over for dinner and some chick flick action. Joanna found these Twilight hearts. Although they tasted gross, I’m told, they’re pretty hilarious!

-Also finished up the quilt top. Now I just need batting and a back and we’re in business. BTW, I am not hand sewing the binding this time. I had enough of that last time!

-found these cute tiny flowers growing in our backyard, proof that life can flourish amidst nothingness. haha


  1. Love your quilt top!! Love the empty fron yard and those flowers rock!!!! I hope Sadie sleeps better tonight poor thing;)

  2. Poor Sadie…seriously try the baby Oragel. It really helped when Amelia was teething. I gave her motrin even though the DR said it was not the best idea. She was a much happier baby….

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