Miekka’s laundry/craft room

My cousin Miekka wrote a blog asking for mood boards for her new Laundry/craft room, and of course, the opportunity to window shop called to me. This is her board of the materials they have already in the room, or will soon. That CUTE fabric will be for the ironing board…I love it Miekka, you should get it!

Here’s my little rundown of thingys for the room. If you like any of it Miekka, let me know, I’ll get you the links! Or anyone else for that matter. BTW, that first print is spools of thread! How cute, huh?

So, there it is…my first humble mood board…it was soo fun! BTW, L is for Laundry AND Lance. This decor is so good at multi tasking.


  1. Very cool!!!! I think I need the L:)

  2. Jess, that is awesome!! I was thinking about getting those red boxes from Ikea too, the only problem is that they are a little flimsy. And the prints are great too. Where did you find that industrial letter L? This gives me so many good ideas! What color do you think I should paint the walls?

  3. Hey Jess, my email is miekka@thelances.net. Send me the links for everything, I want to scope it all out. The room doesn’t get any natural light (no windows), but it should be plenty bright with the 6 recessed lights we are putting in.

  4. Love it! Those pictures are the bomb! Isn’t Etsy the best?

    By the way, hi back! I’m Kim the girl who stole your idea :) Nice to meet you too.

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