We’ve had a few busy days! Friday Sadie and I went to the park with Aimee and Kim (and some others), and had some fun! It was the perfect day, nice and warm with a cool breeze. Pardon Payton please, she’s quite perplexed about something in this picture. hehe! Gage too for that matter. Sadie’s recently had her first Cheerio…she’s had those cereal puffs, but she likes Cheerios too! She DOES not like peas or avocados. Gags when she eats them. Maybe it’s the color…

….back to business! Friday night we went to Johnny Carino’s (Italian), and Sadie was so good. Very well behaved and ate her mushed food like a champ, even while watching our delicious bread and pasta get devoured. Later that night we watched Eagle Eye. I liked it a lot. People were warning us it had a bad ending or was lame or whatever, but I was jumping off my couch at the end, which I NEVER do. That’s Joshie and Jordan’s thing. haha. Anyways, very good. Rory and I are big Shia Labeouf fans. (I googled his name…that’s a crazy last name.) I remember him from Even Stevens days. He was so funny on that show!

Saturday was spent at the nursery (flower nursery), and OSH, checking out plants and sprinklers. We did get most of what we need for the sprinklers, our next step is to roto til and then put the sprinklers in! (front yard only) For now. We’ll tackle the back when the front of our house looks goo-od. Per my specs. I will post some pics of the plants we like.
Saturday night was the St. Patty’s Day party/dance for our wards here in Gilroy. It was not very well attended but super fun for us. We were the life of the party! We got to shake our booties and dance too. There was yummy food (including fondue), and Sadie had so much fun dancing. She loves Lady Gaga. Really. So next time, you should come people!

She even got a slow song with Daddy!

Janae and I did a bunch of line dances (way back from my days attending Youth dances and EFY). I miss dances! They’re so fun. I don’t even care if I look stupid. (Which I’m sure everyone there agrees, I did) I told Rory we’re chaperoning the next dance nearby! (if we can get a baby sitter, ours goes to the dances right now)

Today we had a nice morning. I got to sleep in an extra 2 1/2 hours! I’ve been under the weather, so Rory let me. It felt soo good. Baby has been sleeping all the way through the night the past few nights. Like, 8pm to 7am. Wow! Back to this morning. I was feeling so good I decided to make Sadie a dress! It’s so cute, but is still too big. One of these days I’ll make her a dress she can wear right away. I’m so paranoid about her growing out of clothes too fast so I make everything one size larger! After church we headed up to Morgan Hill for dinner with Rory’s parents. It was delicious as usual! The dessert especially, blondies-with-a-tan, and blackberry peach cobbler. (that was my fav!) We enjoyed picking Nora’s brain about gardening after dinner and visiting with her and Ryan. Also, Sadie. ALMOST. crawled. (moved) She gets soo close to getting on her hands and knees from sitting! She just has to figure out how to get her legs in the right place. No hurry, but still, so exciting!

I can’t believe it’s almost the last week of March, I’ve been thinking it’s still near the beginning cause I haven’t crossed any days off my calendar. Are you a crosser offer? Or a blank calendar person? With that question…I’m off to find pictures of plants we like!


  1. It’s exciting, seeing your house come together one step at a time :) I’m sure you could still chaperone a dance with Sadie there – as a teen, I would’ve loved to hold a baby during a slow song so a young couple could dance, hehe! Sadly, the awkward “stand by myself during a slow song because a boy didn’t ask me” thing doesn’t end at youth… And how ’bout I come visit you in April?

  2. That was almost a little too much blog for me to take in. haha! But fun to hear about your comings and goings. Let me know when you are feeling better so we can hang out.

  3. haha so cute. arnt cha glad i made you take a picture? ha! : ) jk

  4. Hooray for sleep!

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