I hopped into my Photobooth today…

…Photobooth on my Mac. It takes pictures from my built in picture taker web cam thingymajig built into the monitor. Awesome huh?

My pop art-Andy Warhol style.

Sadie woke up and had to join in the fun. Here is Super Mom-in cartoon mode!

And my favorite, color pencil mode.

There was also “X-ray” and “Bulge” mode, but I won’t subject you to those pictures. haha.


  1. So much fun! I wish I had a Mac! I could play on there all day! Hehe.

  2. Um…you have too much free time. hehe.

  3. Those are great shots!
    I love the Supermom! I wish my computer could do that.

  4. Very cute;)

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