Wow it’s late and I should not be blogging.

Yet I am. Just a quick post about today.

-Rory cleaned the yard of various things this morning, with the help of his trusty sidekick Chris. Or maybe Rory is Chris’s sidekick? I’ll let you two work it out.
-We all went to a baby shower for our friends Morgen and Teresa, having a baby girl in a couple months. It was so fun! I totally won the match the crazy celebrity baby names to the parents game. I knew all that celebrity baby blog reading would come in handy someday! hah. I matched 14 out of 25. The next closest person had seven. Oh yeahhh!
-Sadie got a lot of compliments at the shower and even started being shy, dropping her head on my shoulder when people talked to her! She’s never done that to me before, but darn was it ca-ute!
-Scoped out my parents yard, they’re fixing it up and it’s looking good! Took home some of my cilantro I’ve been growing in their greenhouse…yay for guacamole tomorrow. yum!
-Went back and forth over what to do for dinner for like an hour.
-Finally ate dinner.
-Watched season finales of Monk and Psych. Next season is the last for MOnk! How DARE THEY?!
-Got Janae to bring us frosties from Wendy’s and played Mario Kart til we dropped.
-Midway, Jarom joined us, then we had a long conversation until 15 minutes ago.
-Now I”m typing this but realizing my bedtime was an hour and a half ago.
-Going to bed.
-night night

A really intense race. No just kidding. We’re posing. You totally couldn’t tell, could you?!

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