Trip to the park…among other things…

Today was cloudy with spots of sunshine, so I wanted to get out of the house! I called up Cassy, who was already at the park, so I headed on over. Sadie had fun “sliding” down the slide and hamming it up with Rayne!

Here comes Rayne!


So while I was talking to the doctor yesterday at her appointment, she mentioned that teeth will just show up without a lot of fanfare sometimes. Lo and behold, this morning I felt a tooth coming through! Just the top, but oh wow, I felt so proud and scared that she’s growing up! She’s in such a fun stage right now, and I wish I could freeze it or bottle it up or something. I will have to settle for many mental and real pictures! So, wish me luck with the nursing thing…hope she doesn’t get too many too fast! eek!

In other teeth news, I went tonight for my third appointment to fill my cavities! All done…except for my wisdom teeth are next…in a few weeks. Yikes! Not really looking forward to that at all. Can you blame me?


  1. That was a fun day and I promise next time I will call. hehe.

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