Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

I finally finished my last coat of paint on the mirror that’s in our master bedroom. I think it looks quite swanky! What do you think? (and yes, I know my paper whites have kinda gone crazy. What are you supposed to do with them after they grow? with the bulbs I mean?) Anyways…..

Sadie seemed to enjoy preening in it. (I feel pretty, oh so pretty!)


  1. Haha! What a cutie! BTW the disaster of yesterday was worse than we thought! Not only on her blanket and pillow, but on both blankets, pillow and sheets! And a little on the floor in her bedroom. Yucky. Luckily it all came out and no one is the wiser. Mwahahah!

  2. Zoe reminds me of Sadie…A LOT! I think they kind of look alike.

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