So, today after din din with Aunt Nana Sadie decided she needed a new look. Aunt Nana let her borrow her glasses, and wala!! -her look was born. Pretty cute huh? (especially the drool stains)

The sun shined today! Hallelujah! A trip to the park and walk with Kim and Payton was in order…it was so nice, Sadie started giggling when I put her in the swing! She was pretty excited I guess. Either that or I had something on my face, who knows? Today she laughed for like 5 minutes because I was blowing on her stomach. Who ever knows what will tickle a baby’s funny bone?

Her hair looks so red in the sun! I can see blond hairs though, so all bets are on! Strawberry blond VS redhead. Speaking of betting, I could’ve won good money on tonight’s episode of American Idol, as I called all 3 of the contestants that were moving on! woot! Danny’s my favorite, but Alexis is a mommy so I like her a lot too.

My mouth HU-RTS. I got some more cavities filled on the other side of my mouth today, and the dentist said they were pretty bad so those teeth would be sensitive. I didn’t know sensitive meant a very big massive ginormous headache or hurts to chew or talk or do anything but watch American Idol and type. That’s not all…I have to go in AGAIN next week to get the last two filled. Oh goody goody gumdrops. THEN my wisdom teeth get to be yanked from my poor little mouth! Sorry for my griping, I just have a lot of years worth of pent up dental issues to get off my chest. lol.

Everything else is grand! I cleaned all the floors today and did two loads of laundry. (granted, one is still in the dryer, but hey, give a girl a break!) Domestic goddess I am….sort of…not so much.


  1. I got cavities filled last week and I’m shocked that my tongue isn’t tore up from the numbing stuff they put in my mouth. I swear I was chewing on my tongue all day without even knowing it. Also, I’m 2/3 on AI last night…I thought that the oil rig guy would actually be psycho Tatiana…to be honest, I’m glad I was wrong. Good thing she’s outta there! I’m totally rooting for gokey…is story is so sad, and I like his voice a lot.

  2. -janae

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