I used to not mind going to the dentist. It wasn’t too bad, back when you got to miss school for an appointment and always got a new toothbrush! We’ve been putting off going, both of us haven’t gone in…years. So we went today, and let’s just say Rory got off easy with 3 cavities. I have a bunch, and also need to get my three remaining wisdom teeth taken out. The other one was removed a while ago…I’m not sure why we didn’t get them all out then…it would’ve made more sense. So…joy of joys…that is what I get to do within the next month. Here’s to a liquid diet and not being able to take more then Tylenol cause I’m still nursing! Woohoo.


  1. Sorry you have to get all that done, but the good news for you is that you can take more then Tylenol! Ibuprofen is fine to take while breast feeding and there are other prescription pain meds that are okay too, like Percocet. So you can make it though.
    (When I had my c-section they gave me IB and percocet in the hospital.)
    You can also check this out:,,40rr,00.html

  2. Bummer! I would be tempted to get a second opinion!

  3. Blech! I hate getting fillings. I am playing the worldest smallest violin for you right now…

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